Criminal Solicitor

If you’re looking for a Criminal Solicitor to defend you, then we can help and provide you with representation. Tierneys Solicitors are able to defend individuals and companies who find themselves facing criminal charges.

Tierneys Solicitors can provide Criminal Solicitors on a private basis for most types of criminal prosecution, including help with motoring offences including Speeding, Drink/Drug Driving, Points Totting up Procedure, Trials and mitigation.

In addition, we have links with firms holding legal aid contracts and can arrange for representation by tried, tested and trusted professionals.

Criminal defence experts, our Solicitors will be there to assist you from early consultation, through investigation and during court proceedings.

Just call – we’ll see if we can help.

Criminal Lawyer ….

Home Visits and Video Conferencing available by arrangement, for private consultation regarding criminal defence

Tierneys, Solicitors for Rotherham & Sheffield are here to help you with your claim.

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